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Panning for gold and having your car washed are certainly not the only activities in and around Pilgrim's Rest ...

Big Swing
Gold Panning
Guided Tours
Walks & Hikes

Rates subject to

Experience the adrenaline rush of the world's highest cable gorge swing with a 68 metre (18 storey building) freefall.  0-160km/h in 2.3 seconds!  Or fly across the 80 metre high gorge on the High Wire slide.  Located at the Panorama Gorge in Graskop town (15km).

Rates (per person):
   Single Swing:               R350
   Tandem Swing:             R350
   High Wire Slide:            R120
   Single Swing & Slide:    R450
   Tandem Swing & Slide:  R400
Bookings: (+27) (0)13 764 3399

The first pioneers feverishly panned for alluvial gold in the rivers and streams of the region - some made a fortune, others lost their boots.  Relive the gold fever at the Diggings.  Purchase a ticket at the Information Centre for a guided tour to experience this fast-growing outdoor activity.  Tours at 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 15:00. A minimum number of people may apply.

Rates: R165/adult, R75/kid
Bookings: (+27) (0)13) 764 3399,

There is no better place to experience the four seasons of Mother Nature, than on the Pilgrim's Rest golf course.  This beautifully manicured 9-hole course in exquisite and peaceful surroundings on the banks of small stream, is situated just out of town on the R533 road to Lydenburg.  

The magnificent sandstone clubhouse was once a school in Rustenburg (about 500km away in the North West province).  Each stone was carefully numbered when it was dismantled, before it was transported and re-erected in Pilgrim's Rest in 1985.
Patrick (Green keeper & Barman) (+27) (0)83 922-3519
Email: kobushugo6@gmail.com

Gold Panning (1 hour):
Experience the thrill of finding gold like the early diggers did! Pan a select area of the river, where you will be shown how to pan for gold, and for an hour you can pan out as much as you like, and you can keep all that you find.
Your guide is qualified and registered with the Mpumalanga Tourism Authority and will be able to give you information on the history of the region and the gold rush era. You will be awarded a certificate of participation to ratify that any gold in your possession was from a tourist activity. Tours are available from 10am until 3pm daily. Bookings essential. Minimum number of people may apply.
Rates: R165/adult, R75/child under 12 years
Bookings: (+27) (0)13 764 3399

Ghost Tour (2½ hours):
Tours depart at Twilight; you follow the guide in your own vehicle to visit areas of high paranormal activity (either Alanglade House Museum, or the old Diggings Site where the first diggers lived and worked their claims in 1873).

After dark you drive to the Historic Cemetery and explore the grave yard, ending with a complementary sherry or juice at the famous Robbers Grave.

Cameras are a must so that you can capture orbs and images if they occur. Ghost apps on cellular phones and hand-held ghost detectors are welcome. The success of the tour depends on the energy brought forward by the visitors and we cannot guarantee anything. The tour is safe and no unpleasant energy has ever been encountered. Your guide is qualified and registered with the Mpumalanga Tourism Authority and does not profess to be psychic.

Tours are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the minimum number of guests is 4 unless by special arrangement. Tours for more than 4 can be booked for any day. Bookings are essential.
Rates: R175/adult, R95/child under 12 years
Bookings: (+27) (0)13 764 3399

Village Tour:
You could tour the museums of Pilgrim’s Rest all on your own, but touring with an experienced, qualified and registered tour guide gives you a much better, in depth perspective of the life and times of the diggers on the Gold Fields.

Museums visited include the Pilgrim’s and Sabie News, the Central Garage, the Victorian House Museum, the Dredzen Shop Museum, and Thelwells (a tribute to the history of the Sekakuni People of the area, with reference to the Sekakuni Wars). Other points of interest include the Patterson Memorial, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Lodge Blyde, Methodist Church, the Old Post Office and the Sacred Heart Catholic Church as well as the Historic Cemetery and the Robber’s Grave.

Guided Village tours are available daily and a minimum number of people may apply. Bookings essential.
Rates: R95/adult, R65/child under 12 years
Bookings: (+27) (0)13 764 3399

Alanglade Tour
Alanglade was the Mine manager's residence. Here you will get a glimpse of the daily family life and history of the Barry family. A minum number of people may apply. Prior booking essential.
Rates: R30/person
Bookings: (+27) (0)13 764 3399

School/Large Group Tours:
Tours can be tailor-made to suit your needs, combining tours of the Village Museums, Gold Panning or Alanglade House Museum and adapted to interests of the guests, time constraints and budget. School tour organisers are welcome to request that certain points be included in the tour to reflect the school curriculum. After the tour each learner is given a question sheet to fill out as part of the excursion. Prior booking essential.
Rates: on application
Bookings: (+27) (0)13 764 3399

Short, Day Walks:
A nice, short walk is between Uptown and Downtown Pilgrim's.  You can also extend your walk to the Caravan Park, or even further to the Golf Course.

Over-night Hikes:
The 63km, 4-night Prospector's Hiking Trail passes through the village of Pilgrim's Rest. Shorter over-night trails are also available.  These include:

Peach Tree Creek Circular (21km, 2 nights)
Peach Creek (21km, 1 night)
Black Hill (44km, 2 nights)
Morgenzon (44km, 2 nights)
Prospector's/Morgenzon (57km, 4 nights)
Bookings for these trails, and the 4 over-night hiking huts, can only be done with Komatiland Eco-Tourism on (013) 754-2724


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