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Alex Patterson, The Wheelbarrow Man

Man’s greed for wealth, celebrity, and success has always been insatiable, and it is incredible to what ends he will strive, suffer or reach for, to fulfill or satisfy his passions. The Gold Strike in the Pilgrims’s Rest area, during … Continue reading

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The Robber’s Grave in Pilgrim’s Rest

It does well to keep up to date with the latest versions of historical accounts of the area one lives in, especially when truth turns out to be stranger than fiction. If one visits the cemetery in Pilgrims’ Rest one … Continue reading

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“Ford-lore” on Pilgrim’s Hill

The first automobiles began to appear in the Pilgrim’s Rest district in about 1910. This form of conveyance was already fairly common in other parts of the Transvaal, but there the roads were on the level. The two problems that … Continue reading

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