Pilgrim’s Rest – an enchanting old mining village with a colourful atmosphere, in a stunningly beautiful valley which was once the scene of the most exciting “Gold Rush” that the world has ever seen.

In the earlier days of Percy Fitzpatrick of Jock of the Bushveld fame and many other colourful characters, Pilgrim’s Rest was a final destination where men made their fortunes or lost their piles on dreams from legends of amassing wealth and enjoying good times for life, after hearing of the untold easily accessed treasures under rocks or in streams. These legends circulated the bars between the coast and the mountains.

Things haven’t really changed that much, except that today Pilgrim’s Rest is a sleepy getaway village with a never- ending party atmosphere, lots of booze and plenty of laughter. It is situated on the magnificent Panorama Route with a few stunning accommodation options. It is easily accessible, being only 4 hours by road from Gauteng, and a mere 100km from Kruger National Park.

Another legend is that if the ore used to build the access roads to Pilgrim’s Rest were reworked for “lost” Gold, another fortune would be made. These roads leading in and out of Pilgrim’s Rest are nicknamed “golden highways”.

The Goldmines around Pilgrim’s Rest are being exploited once again through the good fortune of a new biological extraction process that has led to massive reductions of mining costs. It is rumoured that Pilgrim’s Rest is set for another Golden bonanza.

Pilgrim’s Rest has also been nominated to host the World Gold Panning Championships a number of times.

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